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Sessions for children under 18
Price varies by project, single 2-hour session

The WMW Youth Woodworker woodshop series is designed to give children a general understanding of and introduction to woodworking. During these sessions, Wesley Michael Woodworking hopes to pique the interest of young minds, encourage them to put down the phone, learn a new skill working with their hands, and show them a possible career path different from a traditional collegiate trajectory.


At this time, the WMW Youth Woodworker series is offered as private lessons (1-3 youth) or small groups (4-6 youth).

Please contact us to schedule your small group or private lesson.


In the WMW Youth Woodworker program, participants will receive:

  • an overview of why it could be useful to have a woodworking skillset,

  • highlights about what is possible to build with a woodworking skillset, and

  • an overview of the power tools required for most woodworking projects. 


In this workshop, participants will take pre-cut materials to create and assemble small projects that they can take home on the same day.

The WMW Youth Woodworker projects vary by age group.​

Note: Parent or guardian supervision during the WMW Workshop is required for participants in the WMW Youth Woodworking program.

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