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Sessions to meet the requirements of the Girl Scout Woodworking badge
Price varies by project; most projects can be completed in a single 3-hour session

The WMW Girl Scout Woodworking program is designed to fulfill the requirements of the Girl Scout Woodworking badge. During these sessions, Girl Scout participants will join Wesley Michael Woodworking for a hands-on woodworking experience. In this small group setting, each member of the troop will create a functional woodworking piece while learning the basics of woodworking. Our workshop is the perfect combination of learning and fun, so schedule your troop's activity today! 


The price of the session varies by project selected by the troop, and projects can be offered for Daisy through Ambassador level. More information about the program as well as a list of sample projects can be found here: WMW Girl Scout Badge


WMW is to proud to be an approved Community Partner with the Girl Scouts San Diego. Troops are asked to contact Wesley Michael Woodworking to book a session, or if they have any further questions about the workshops.

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