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Cutting board class


6-8 hour workshop (two 3-4 hour sessions)
$150 (materials included)

Design, build, and create your own cutting board in the shop with Wesley Michael Woodworking.

The Build Your Own Cutting Board workshop is a 6-8 hour workshop that spans across two sessions held on different days.


In the beginning of the first session, participants will learn general information about:

  • the differences in the types of wood species,

  • which wood species make good cutting boards and why,

  • which tools are used to make a cutting board and why, and

  • the order of operations of building a cutting board from scratch.

The rest of the first session follows a hands-on format where participants will:

  • select the wood for their cutting board,

  • design their board,

  • glue their board together, and

  • clamp their board for it to dry in between the two sessions.


During the second session, participants will:

  • learn different sanding techniques and the importance of sanding properly,

  • flatten their boards,

  • square up their boards,

  • sand their boards,

  • oil their boards, and

  • bring home their handcrafted piece!

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