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Crotch Walnut Urn_edited.png


I was introduced to general carpentry and woodworking at a very young age, as my father was a general carpenter and a woodworker. As far back as I can remember, I would help out with different jobs and projects he was working on. The house I grew up in was built by my father; along with pretty much everything in the house! It was fascinating to me to see usable, hand built items built my father and used in our home. I have always been involved with some form of carpentry and woodworking.

Right before my father passed, he asked me to help him with one last project - build his urn that we would eventually bury him in. This seemed like an odd request, as my life had really gone in a different direction with a corporate job and I had not been involved with carpentry/woodworking in years. Despite this, I somewhat reluctantly agreed to help him build this one last project and we hand picked out some beautiful walnut wood for the project. As soon as I got back into the shop with him, the excitement of creating something beautiful came back to me and I started to remember all of the projects I used to help him with. Needless to say, before that project was finished, I was hooked on woodworking again. I purchased a small set of power tools and immediately converted a space in my home for woodworking. What started as a passion hobby, soon turned into people wanting some of the projects that I was building for my own house. After making a few projects for friends and family, I started to dream big. I thought to myself, ‘Trevor Wesley, you don’t like what you do currently and this is extremely satisfying and enjoyable.’ I took a shot on myself and decided to turn a passion hobby into what is now Wesley Michael Woodworking.

Shortly after launching Wesley Michael, I quit my job and decided to focus solely on creating and selling beautiful, handcrafted items. This is the best decision I have ever made, and I am proud to make unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art for you to enjoy.

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